My Review of The Vampire Chronicles

Jodie Pierce weaves a story that is so imaginative and well crafted, and her characters are so real, you think you know them, are part of their lives. You turn the pages one after the other, unable to put the book down, whether dinner is calling, or sleep is needed, or you've got a task to do, you keep on reading! You just have to find out what is going to happen next!
The Countess and the one she loves, Kendra, venture to Italy to meet with a secret vampire coven; she becomes their leader. Her first goal as leader is to stop the bloodbath created by a Japanese vampire who travels the world preying on humans and turning them into vampires.
A vicious battle ensues between them causing a series of events that spiral out of control: The countess is separated from Kendra, she is then captured and chained and thrown into a Japanese dungeon. Initially she's without her powers, without the one she loves, without answers. She's waiting for the vampire Toshihiro, the one who decides her fate. She waits patiently in her dungeon cell, chained and eating the humans that are thrown in through her locked door; she is told she will one day have an audience with Toshhiro.
Finally she comes face to face with him and it is then that he reveals a secret that astonishes her! What will Toshihiro decide her fate will be? Will she find love in the midst of turmoil? Well you gotta read the novel to find out!


  1. That is so kind of you! I appreciate all your kind words and you've written another great review! You really captured the essence of the book in your review!Thanks again! Jodie Pierce

  2. My pleasure Jodie Pierce! Ilook forward to reading more of your books!