My Review of LJ Kentowski's Guardian of Fate

An imaginative tale, intriguing characters, romance, heaven, hell, good and evil. The Guardian of Fate has it all. Cassandra is a guardian of people's fates, saving their lives, keeping them alive and out of hell. These people are targeted by demons and it's Cassandra's role in life to protect them, guard them from death. She could always count on her visions to be accurate, clear and precise, but something has changed and her visions begin to unravel and confuse her and to complicate matters further, two men enter her life, Hunter and Caleb, and one has to wonder who is good and who is evil. She is drawn to one, a man in her dreams who has haunted her for years; he is relentless in his pursuit, but is he sincere? Is he good or evil? Making her decision, she surrenders. They explode with passion, finally releasing their attraction to one another...but she gets the shock of her life! Who is around to be the guardian of HER fate? 5 stars