Hi Everyone! This is a spin off from my "other" blog where I interview bloggers instead of the other way around; hence the silly name, Flip Flop Friday interviews. Look for future Flip Flop Interviews here every Friday for the next 5 weeks.

Today we have Carin Walker from http://4myreadingobsession.blogspot.com/
Carin and I met on Book Blogs and although she and I haven't gotten to know one another well, I thought this would be a great opportunity to find out a few things about her. Ready? Let's rock:

DEBORAH: When did you realize you loved to read?

CARIN: My mother tell it that when I was 3 I picked up the Readers Digest and started asking questions about the story I was reading, She then had me read to her out loud which I did and have been reading voraciously ever since.

DEBORAH: That's a great habit to have acquired early in life! Do you remember the first book you really loved?
CARIN: I think the first one I read over and over was a Nancy Drew book "The Secret of the Old Clock" I think I was 7 or 8 at the time. My first love with adult books was Agatha Christie and Stephen King
DEBORAH: Gees, I'm embarrased to say mine was The Cat in the Hat. How many books a week do you read?
CARIN: On average 3, some weeks as many as 7 other maybe only 1 depending on other parts of my life
DEBORAH: You are a voracious reader! What's your favorite genre?
CARIN: I love romance any sort of romance (I am addicted to HEA) I love paranormal romance, Sci-fi romance, Western romance, Regency Romance, Mystery/suspence romance you get the idea ;0)
DEBORAH: Oh yes, we got the idea! Romance Rocks! How do you feel about Indie authors?
CARIN: I love all authors, I think that now that it is easier for an Indie author to get published that is just more wonderful material out there that wouldn't have been before

DEBORAH: I totally agree with you! Do you prefer to read ebooks or paperback?
CARIN: I swore when the Kindle and the Nook first came out I would never get one, that I loved the feel of "real" books to much, then I got a smart phone and downloaded a Kindle app for it and the rest as they say is history. Now 2 kindles later I carry around over a 1000 books with me at a time and I LOVE it! I still collect my beloved paperbacks and have managed to decorate my whole house with book cases (I am not the only avid reader in the family).DEBORAH: That's precisely why we authors are availabel in both formats, ebook AND paperback. What book are you currently reading?
CARIN: Well, the latest Kallypso Masters book just came out so I am reading "Nobody's Perfect", at the same time I have several others I am reading for commitments to my blog and the 2 others I am a reviewer.
DEBORAH: We authors love to be reviewed. Hint, hint. Besides me..LOL..have you discovered any good Indie authors? CARIN: Several, more than I can think of off the top of my head but to name a few Kallypso Masters, Felicity Heaton, Gabirelle Bisset, Leia Shaw, Toni Aleo & Eve Langlais are all Indie authors, But I have read fantastic books by people who have one book they have published themselves so far and been just as impressed as I have been with the bigger names is indie publication.
DEBORAH: The book industry should never be snobbish. I love your attitude and openness towards new writers!. Well Carin, I want to thank you for being here today. I hope everyone enjoyed getting to know you; I sure did. Please look for Carin on FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/MyReadingObsession/417312011659695
Until next Flip Flop Friday, be well!


  1. What a fun interview. And, OMG, Carin, you really are a voracious reader! I vaguely remember reading the Nancy Drew mystery The Secret of the Old Clock when I was a kid. I think I read it over and over. I've always loved mysteries. Stephen King was one of the first authors I discovered as a teen too.

    What really struck home about this interview? I was one of those readers who SWORE I'd never have an e-reader because I couldn't part from the smell and feel of a book. And while I still love those and read paperbacks on occassion, I am on my second Kindle (now a Fire) and in LOVE with the thing. So easy to carry all those books around like you said! :)

  2. I totally agree with you MAe. I love the Kindle!! Also i think it's awesome that there is a kindle for the PC for those who prefer sitting with their laptop!