, I want to introduce the author of an interesting book, entitled Paycheck to Paycheck for sale on AMAZON, Carsten Aretz.


His book is not your typical read,  one of fiction or murder and mayhem, and I thought I'd share it with you. I met Carsten on Nings Book Blogs when he answered one of my posted discussions; he was reaching out for help; he caught my attention, so here we are today. Hope you guys enjoy the interview and remember to check out his book! He's got some wise things to say.

DEBBIE: Tell us about your book and why you wrote it:
Paycheck to Paycheck is no way to live -- when my brother honored me with a gift that put me in the middle of an atmosphere that brought me inner peace, a "bubble of serenity", I felt the need to search deep within myself, to find a way to bring me back to that bubble. There isn't any serenity when the worries of having enough money interferes with finding a way to escape to a place of peace. This is a self-searching adventure that helps me to take a look at what mistakes I've made, finding ways to stay healthy enough to stay alive long enough to enjoy escaping from paycheck to paycheck, what I've observed and experienced from life, how I feel with a few of my own personal views on things, and last but not least, the point of this book, how to avoid repeating the mistakes I've made in the past in order to live with the financial freedom I so long for.

This is not a success book, it's more of a figuring it out type book, that's geared towards people that might be able to relate to this paycheck to paycheck struggle.


So tell us how things are going for you now since writing the book.CARSTEN: Things are better but they are far from perfect. I have a lot more to do in order to find the success I've been seeking my whole adult life up until now.DEBBIE: Besides financial blessings, what would you say is the most important blessing a person could receive? CARSTEN: I've been blessed with the knowledge that I can finish what I've started. I've successfully looked in the mirror and can now move forward as a better person than I was yesterday. All my blessings start with me as a person first, and reaping benefits such as financial second. As for the most important blessing others could ever receive, I would have to say that that blessing would be to have the knowledge that they are not alone and success is a reality for anyone that is working towards it.I agree with you, Carsten; we need to know we're not alone as we travel the road to success cause it sure has its ups and downs. But I believe perseverance brings about success and prayers do as well!

DEBBIE: In closing, are you writing a second book?
CARSTEN: I already have two books out, I have short, short, book of poetry by the name of, "My Poetry Has A Face", and of course this one, "Paycheck To Paycheck -- It's Personal. I have a couple of more projects now but, the next book that will be coming out will probably be the murder mystery I'm working on presently.I love murder mysteries; I wrote a few of them myself!
Thanks for sharing with us today Carsten. We all wish you continued success in your life.
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  1. Thank you so much Deborah, You're awesome!

  2. You're pretty awesome too Carsten!It was my pleasure!