Happy Halloween. Welcome Very Vampire author, Shane ONeill

The Lamb Of God on AMAZON by Very Vampire author, Shane O'Neill, is a prequel FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS, which by the way Shane ONeill fans, is out November 11.  Shane's next book, THE PATH TO DECAY, is out in December, so be looking for it on Amazon and Shane's WEBSITE, and of course check out the entire The Dracula Chronicles series.

Read about THE LAMB OF GOD....Beginning with the story of Creation and the First Great War of the Angels; the Crucifixion; and then the birth of two sons to the great Vlad Dracul, The Lamb Of God introduces you to The Dracula Chronicles and the dark world of author, Shane KP O’Neill, where he will take you on a journey unlike any other you have travelled before.
The battle for souls has raged since the truce that followed the First Great War of the Angels. God has struck the ultimate blow and sacrifice to gain the advantage and defeat His fallen angel and estranged son, Lucifer. As Lucifer stands at the foot of the Cross that drains the last ounce of life from Christ and eradicates man’s sins, he realises that his work must begin anew. In time he comes to understand that his only chance to win the battle for souls will be to destroy the institution of the Catholic Church to turn man against God, once and for all. He searches for more than a millennium for the candidate to see his plan through to an end and finally discovers the one that can cast that final blow.
The Dracula Chronicles is a dark and terrifying new concept based on the real historical Vlad Dracula. It is an epic journey through the ages where the forces of Light and Darkness struggle for supremacy until the Second Great War, as foretold in the Book of Revelations.
This bitter feud begins after the creation of mankind. Lucifer’s jealousy leads to the First Great War of the angels. Hundreds of thousands of years on the feud simmers beneath the surface. It plots the course of history as we know it today. Both sides manipulate the major players through the centuries to seek an advantage over the other.
On a cold night in December 1431 in Sighisoara an old gypsy woman delivers a prophecy to the great Vlad Dracul. She tells him he is about to sire two sons, one an angel and the other a devil.   He returns to his fortress just as his wife bears him a son, whom he names Vlad. In the very same moment across the country on the border between Transylvania and Hungary a gypsy girl gives birth to another son, Andrei. The die is cast. The twin souls are born. The young Vlad Dracula becomes the instrument of the forces of Darkness. To balance this, the baby Andrei is blessed by the angels and bestowed with awesome powers.
These chronicles are their story.


ITS A VERY VAMPIRE HALLOWEEN with vampire author Jodie Pierce

Welcome Very Vampire author, Jodie Pierce and her novel THE RELUCTANT VAMPIRE.  Jodie Pierce is not only a friend of mine, sharing in the love of vampires, but is a wonderful storyteller, weaving emotion and detail intricately, leaving the reader with sweaty palms and a racing heart, definitely wanting more.
Jodie has dedicated herself and talent to writing not only for the masses, but for charity. Her novel IN VEIN was written for St. Jude's children's hospital, and she is currently working on another novella for the National Children's Cancer Project. This book will be available December 1st. Please keep watching for the Title when she reveals the book on her WEBSITE

 "A young woman is turned into a vampire against her will. She is constantly haunted by her maker throughout her ordeals as she fights against her very being at first. She meets a fellow vampire who shows her how fun being a vampire can really be but again, her maker constantly haunts her. She goes on her own for awhile meeting a new friend and finding her place in her horror of a world. Finally, she finds true love, reluctantly changes him and the rest is history." Jodie Pierce
 Please check out all of her awesome books on AMAZON and buy one today!


It is the Halloween season, so over the next days join me and my ghoulish author friends for a Very Vampire, and one Very Intoxicating Werewolf, Halloween. We're going to celebrate the season with some scary, some sexy, goulish creatures. You're either going to tingle with fright, or shriek with delight!

 First on the list is my fellow author and friend, Mae Clair, and her werewolf novel Weathering Rock . I think you'll all get a 'shriek of delight' with this one! I gave her novel a 5 *
Drawn together across centuries, will their love be strong enough to defeat an ancient curse?

Colonel Caleb DeCardian was fighting America’s Civil War on the side of the Union when a freak shower of ball lightning transported him to the present, along with rival and former friend, Seth Reilly. Adapting to the 21st century is hard enough for the colonel, but he also has to find Seth, who cursed him to life as a werewolf. The last thing on Caleb’s mind is romance. Then fetching Arianna Hart nearly runs him down with her car. He can’t deny his attraction to the outspoken schoolteacher, but knows he should forget her.

Arianna finds Caleb bewildering, yet intriguing: courtly manners, smoldering sensuality and eyes that glow silver at night? When she sees Civil War photographs featuring a Union officer who looks exactly like Caleb, she begins to understand the man she is falling in love with harbors multiple secrets--some of which threaten the possibility of their happiness.

Finding a decent guy who'll commit is hard enough. How can she expect Caleb to forsake his own century to be with her.
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