I was thinking about the supernatural today when I was writing a chapter in my new book in The Undeparted series where a skeptic becomes a believer in vampires. Then I remembered how in the first book of the series Cassandra just couldn't believe that what she was seeing was real; she thought the vampire Quentin was using some kind of parlor trick to vanish in and out, some Houdini magic. That got me thinking of my great great grandfather Carl Brema. He was not only a master performing magician, but he was the inventor of magic, including the magical apparatus for Houdini and Blackstone. There's a book written about my GG grandpa called, The Brema Brasses.

Well anyway, Carl mystified his audience with feats of magic. Maybe we are too quick to dismiss the supernatural and label it "magic" like Cassandra in The Undeparted or Lieutenant Hamilton Welby in The Banished One who quickly dismissed the supernatural as magical exploits.

Maybe the hand isn't quicker than the eye after all, and Carl really was more mystifying than previously thought! Great great grandfather, thank you for leaving me, for leaving the world of magic, your legacy! You've given us something to ponder: Is it magic or is it the supernatural?

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