Welcome once again to what I call Flip Flop Friday interviews. It's not the usual author interview; it's in reverse. The author (ME) is asking questions and the reader/blogger answering them, hence my title Flip-Flop interviews.
Okay, so I'm excited about it. We have some awesome bloggers who happen to be really nice people lined up. I'm glad I met each one of these gals along my journey. This is my way of saying welcome to my world, and thank you for your support!

Everyone   WELCOME SHALYN FROM PR BOOK REVIEWS!  I hope I don't embarrass her by saying this, but she is absolutely adorable and charming! Besides that, she LOVES to read, has admitted to being addicted to her nook and ipod, and that's a good thing!...she has a great blog and does a wonderful job reviewing books. In fact, that's how we met. She read my The Undeparted and gave me a 5 star...a little self promo is good just about now LOLLet me share Shalyn's blog with you: http://www.prbookreviews.blogspot.com

So here we go.....

DEBORAH: When did you realize you loved to read?

SHALYN: I've always liked to read, but it wasn't until I went to college that I became obsessed with it.
DEBORAH: That's a good obsession to have! Do you remember the first book you really loved?
SHALYN: I LOOOVED Harry Potter!! The first paranormal romance novel I loved reading was Halfway to the Grave by Jeanine Frost. I've been hooked on PR books ever since.

DEBORAH: PR is a great genre! How many books a week do you read?

SHALYN: I'd say between three to five books a week.
DEBORAH: I love voracious readers! You're an author's dream. So, what's your favorite genre as if we don't know?

SHALYN: Paranormal Romance
DEBORAH: How do you feel about Indie authors?

SHALYN: Love them!
DEBORAH: Me too! Do you prefer to read ebooks or paperback?

SHALYN: I like both, but lately I've been reading everything on my NOOK.
DEBORAH: What book are you currently reading?

SHALYN: I'm in the middle of reading: Lords of Deliverance book #3, Sleepy Hollow Dreams, and yours, The Ascent of the Undeparted. DEBORAH: Ooh, The Ascent of The Undeparted; that's MY book! Have you discovered any other good Indie authors?

SHALYN: I recommend: Megan Hussy,Charlotte Boyett, and Sapphire Phelan.

You heard her folks!
Well, time is just about up. Thank you Shalyn for spending these moments with us and allowing us to get to know you! You are delightful! Keep reading and good luck in all that you do, and definitely come back!! I've got a ne blog address, so maybe we'll do this again!

This week we have Beth Hoover from Tome Tender with us.
She's been here before, but I thought it would be nice to feature her once again because her blog has gone through a transformation and I think it looks awesome.
DEBORAH: When did you realize you loved to read?

I started really reading for fun when my oldest daughter started reading the Harry Potter Series. I read them along with her so we could discuss them together.

DEBORAH: Do you remember the first book you really loved?

The first book that made a huge impression on me was The Trumpet of the Swan by E. B. White. My 5th grade teacher Ms. Miller read it to the class. I couldn't wait till it was reading time in class again so I got a copy from the library and read it myself.

DEBORAH: How many books a week do you read?

Yikes, do I have to really admit this. Ok, here it goes...at least 5. As you can tell, I do have a slight reading addiction .

DEBORAH: WOW! Being an author I think that's fantastic!!
What's your favorite genre?

Well it has to be fiction, I don't really ever read non-fiction. If I'd have to pick a specific genre I'd have to say I lean more toward paranormal, sci-fi and fantasy the most.

DEBORAH: I love paranormal too!
How do you feel about Indie authors?

I'm always willing to give Indie authors a shot! Just like professionally published books, there are some awesome books and some not so awesome books. I don't get hung up on editing issues and I absolutely love the price of Indie e-books.

DEBORAH: I already knew the answer to that question because I'm an Indie author and you've read several of my books!!
Do you prefer to read ebooks or paperback?

E-BOOKS.I love having thousands of books at my finger tips and they are all fitting into my purse...you can never have enough books at the ready. I do purchase a few paperback books every year for the beach/boating. When I find a "favorite" I will purchase it in hard cover for my library.

DEBORAH: Love that large font!!!
Have you discovered any good Indie authors?

Not only have I found some great Indie authors but I also found some great friendships with them. Deborah Palumbo and Tamara Rose Blodgett are not only extremely talented authors but also fabulously friendly and willing to share their passion for books. I do follow many Indie authors besides Debbie and Tamara. Here are a few names not in any specific order: Dannika Dark, Kristen Ashley, Lindsay Buroker, Trish McCallan, Samantha Young, Rachel Higginson, M. Leighton, Amy A. Bartol, Christie Rich, and Lisa Bergren just to name a few. There are a bunch more but these are my most recent Indie written reads. Some Indie authors that I've always followed that have recently been published but I'm sure I will continue to follow their works as well.
Thank you Debbie for this opportunity! Now, I know what it feels like to be asked the questions I'm asking you. I appreciate that you put your creations into words that we can all share! I treasure the friendship we've developed and look forward to your next fantastic conception that you will turn into a story we can all enjoy!

DEBORAH: Oh, thank you so much Beth!! I am so glad that we became friends. You were actually one of my first connections! I have to brag a little here too. You gave me awesome reviews for The Undeparted series, and read my crime noir book When the Temperature Rises, on the sly; you said it was completely out of your genre, but for some reason you decided to read it. I was thrilled when you were so enthusiastic about it and added it to your favorite bookshelf!



CARA CRABTREE of peace, love, books is in the house again.
We're doing things a little bit different than last time on Flip Flop Friday since we already got to know about Cara in our previous interview. This time I thought it would be nice to focus on Cara's blog and her contact info, conduct a little business.

Hi, my name is Cara. I am a college student. I am majoring in Social Work. I love books, and I thought it would be fun to have a blog about books. I am passionate about reading, and love to discuss the books I have read. While I have no talent for writing books myself, I give props to those who can. I hope to make new friends through this who share the same passion I do.

Cara has read and reviewed my The Undeparted series book one and two and has given me 5 stars; she also hosted my cover reveal for The Banished One, book 3 in the series, as well as my book challenge. Check me out on her blog here:

Today she has a giveaway going on. We'd like you to check out her giveaway here: and sign up for a free book!

We're asking you to follow her on Twitter and Goodreads and for all business inquires please contact Cara at lovepeacebooks@gmail.com
Thanks everyone for joining us today and following Cara's blog!


Teahoney's Book Cafe
Dive into a good book, is Tara's motto!
"I am a 32 year old, married, working mom who loves to read and can't get enough. No matter how busy my day is there is always room for a good book and a cup of tea!" Tara Caputo

Tara has already read 87 books towards her goal of 100. I am honored to say that
The Undeparted Series
was part of her reading library.
I've had Tara in the house before on my old blog for Flip Flop Friday Interviews and found her so delightful, I asked her back!
Here's the interview from first time around:
DEBORAH: When did you realize you loved to read?
From what I can remember it was probably around 1st grade when we did "Book It". I read the most books in my class and won a bike! What better incentive at that age?!
DEBORAH: That was a great incentive! Do you remember the first book you really loved?
It's a toss up between Tiger Eyes or Are You There God? It's me, Margaret. (both by Judy Blume)

DEBORAH: How many books a week do you read?
I read at least 3 but more like 5 a week.

DEBORAH You are a voracious reader; an author'a dream! Tell us what your favorite genre is?
I'm a sucker for romance!

DEBORAH: I don't blame you; think we all are! How do you feel about Indie authors?
I love Indie Authors!! I would be missing out on some great books if it weren't for them!
DEBORAH: Do you prefer to read ebooks or paperback?
E books are convenient but there is something about holding an actual book that I just love.

DEBORAH: Just for the record, my books are available in ebook and paperback! Back to Indie authors; have you discovered any good authors?
TARA: Yes! Other than you, Deborah Palumbo, I am loving Colleen Hoover, S.C. Stephens, Jamie McGuire, Abbi Glines, K.A. Linde, Olivia Cunning, Tara Sivec and J.R. Ward.

DEBORAH: Thanks for discovering me Tara! And thanks for sharing yourself with us.
Well, this has been a pleasure. I just think Tara is a great person, full of life and certainly full of love for the written word! Please check out her sites and give her a follow!!
http://www.facebook.com/TeahoneysBookCafe https://twitter.com/teahoney15 http://bookblogs.ning.com/profile/TaraLynn

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