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This review is from: The Doctors (Kindle Edition)
Deborah Palumbo pens a winner with her book The Doctors. This book about has it all. Suspense, evil, mystery, romance, crime, the mob and medical mayhem.

Dr. Lanny Loch and Dr. Richard Pathroff are 2 men that I wouldn't wish even my worst enemy to have as their doctor. Loch is all charm with the blackest heart imaginable and Pathroff thinks he is God's gift to woman with the morals of a slithering snake. Both are cardiologists who may know how the heart functions from a strictly biological viewpoint, but have no clue how it acts/reacts/feels from a human standpoint lacking that ability themselves. They work for the mob and are all about the money and the finer things in life.

The real story begins when Dr. Adam J. Frye, our hero, is hired by these 2 to join their medical practice as the front office man, a GP. He and his wife Maggie, a computer expert who works for an insurance company, see this as a huge step into getting out of the debt caused by med school and a chance to have a few of the finer things in life. Life feels sweet for them.

Enter Donald P. Cobbs or Donnie Paul as he likes to be called, an FBI agent who dresses like a caricature of a Texan cowboy in Philadelphia of all places, but as everything is bigger in Texas exemplifies it by having a huge heart of gold. He lets Adam and Maggie know that all is not as it seems with Adam's new job and enlists Adam to help discover evidence to nail this practice.

Toss in Lieutenant Jordan Adams, a Philadelphia cop who believes in justice no matter who gets the credit and who has a case of his intersect with what Donnie Paul is working on so he shares the details from his case and you have the full cast of main characters.

All of these folk's lives will intersect in a fast paced, engrossing story of what is going on? Who done it? Can I stay alive and can we catch these ne'er do wells?

I'm giving this one 5 stars and look forward to reading more books by this author in the future...

This was an excellent book! The plot took many twists and turns and just when you thought you figured it out, something else happened. The Author, Deborah Palumbo writes in such a way that she draws the reader into her story from the beginning and leaves you begging for more in the end. I felt as if I was a fly on the wall of her story, experiencing everything for myself. She has a way of creating characters that provoke certain emotions within the reader. She makes you root for the good guys and hope the worst for the bad. The action in this book left me on the edge of my seat, unable to put the book down.

For Adam and Maggie, nice things cost a lot, but to what extent? Young doctor Adam is taken on as an associate in a cardiologists' office as a general practitioner. He started buying nice things and was looking forward to his new job and new income. One day, he was visited by the FBI and they put doubts in Adams mind about his partners. Patients were dying mysteriously. With the help of Maggie, they find out the truth but were they going to have to pay the ultimate price for that knowledge? Please check this book out. It's one you'll never forget.

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