THIS POST IS ABOUT FIBROMYALGIA, not a human attacker....Get the facts, get your compassion flowing, and reach out to someone who has this debilitating illness!
There she laid flat on her back; her assailant put her there. The attack ended her life as it once was. She had been a vibrant young woman, full of youth and enthusiasm and energy, and now she could barely raise her head off the pillow. Yes, she had limbs that could move, unlike a paraplegic, but she was too weak to move.
She lived life through her window.
Many friends ceased to visit; they hated to see her in that condition or they couldn't understand. Several closest friends hung in with her, her only connections were via the telephone.
At least there was no blood or gore to offend anyone if she were able to receive visitors; her assailant was insidious that way, leaving no outward blemishes, but inwardly she was struggling to regain her position in life.

She wondered what she could do as she laid in bed surrounded by four lonely walls, the clock ticking; the time spent living life through the window was increasing, but the assailant would not relent, it showed no mercy! It wanted to chisel away her self worth like a Rodin sculpture.
The assailant didn't know that she decided she wouldn't give in, she wouldn't be defeated; she'd do what she could do, bloom where she was planted. God made her strong, maybe not in body, but in heart, mind and spirit. So she propped up in bed with pencil and paper and wrote. She had always longed to write novels, but her active life kept her engaged, but now she had all the time in the world to fulfill this dream. She didn't realize it, but fate was having its way.
This sounds like a novel, doesn't it? In reality it is my story and the story of many who suffer from the merciless assailant
If you suffer with a debilitating condition and often live life looking through the window, know you're not alone. Ask yourself what is it that you could be doing, should be doing from the confines of your walls, whatever they may be, and when the answer comes to you, DO IT! Join a support group, talk to others who understand, and spread the word because ignorance isn't bliss!


  1. I can relate to every word here! Thank you so much for posting this and sharing with the world!

  2. Well Carin, I wish you couldn't relate; Im sorry that you can cos that means you're in pain! Thanks for replying! Let's support each other and others!