Hello everyone, I've got Mae Clair here today; you know, the author of WEATHERING ROCK we've been hearing so much about.   Well, she's going to discuss her debut novel and tell us a few things about herself.Mae and I met on Nings Book Blogs and we've been friends ever since. She's not only a talented writer, but is a nice person who always lends a hand no matter how busy she is!
Let's get rocking, shall we:

DEBORAH: When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
    MAE: That's a question I love. Thanks for having me here today, Deborah, to do this shot interview. I so appreciate it! I started creating stories in grade school, so the desire was with me from a young age. As a kid when I wasn't writing, I would entertain my friends with tales I spun on the fly. By the time I reached junior high, I knew I wanted to be a professional writer.
DEBORAH: I did much the same thing Mae; entertained my class room by writing skits and plays, and my girlfriends and I would star in them too! LOL. So, when did you actually write your first novel?
    MAE: I was 15. I pounded it out on a manual typewriter-- a fantasy novel, 310 pages single-spaced. My parents let me take over the dining room table as my writing area, and we'd shift the typewriter onto the floor when it was time for dinner. They were wonderfully supportive.
DEBORAH: Oh, I bet they're proud of you now, having your debut novel available to purchase, not to mention the dining room has been reclaimed! Lol. What is your favorite genre?
   MAE: At the moment, romantic suspense. I like paranormal, or any setting with a twist of the fantastical or mysterious.
DEBORAH: Me too! Do you have a special place you like to write?
    MAE: I have a den in my home, which is my personal work space. I'll often go outside with my laptop, but I'm most prodictive when working in my den. I seem to accomplish more. Maybe because I have less distractions.
DEBORAH: Peace and quiet is essential when writing. So, Mae, tell us about your debut novel and a favorite character from it.
    MAE: Weathering Rock is a paranormal-time travel tale. My favorite character is the hero, Caleb DeCardian. He was a colonel for the Union army during the Civil War but is transported through time, along with his former friend Seth Reilly to the 21st century. Reilly is now a bitter rival who has changed Caleb into a werewolf. In the present, Caleb meets Arianna Hart, who teaches American history and romance blooms. When she uncovers a photo of him from 1863 she begins to unravel his secrets.
DEBORAH: Weathering Rock sounds so intriguing; you just gotta know I'm going to purchase a copy for myself! Well, it's time to say farewell, until we meet again. I appreciate this little snippet into your life, and am so happy you joined me here today. I wish you great success with your debut novel AND the one that's coming out next year, The Twelfth Sun!

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  1. I love the story about your typewriter! I can't wait to read Weathering Rock!