The man looked up from the desk and thought he recognized her from a dream. She was absolutely beautiful.  She was in the palest of blue like the sky and a necklace of God was around her throat. Quentin closed the book he was reading so intently and rose, going to her side.  He stared at her a minute and then forced himself to turn away.  Cassandra felt dizzy, but knew she would be all right if she could just get out of there somehow. Maybe this wasn't even happening? Maybe it was just a dream; a nightmare from which she would wake?

"How did you meet her?" Quentin asked.

"I saw her in the produce aisle at the grocery store two weeks ago. We were both buying bananas." Christian looked at Cassandra. "I bet you wish you never bought those bananas for your Cheerios," he said.

Cassandra wondered how she could have been so oblivious to such an evil man who obviously followed her on more than one occasion.

"What's your name?" Quentin asked.

"Cassandra. If it‘s any business of yours." She had always been tenacious, ever since she was a young girl. Her adrenalin was flowing and underneath the sheer fear of it all, those surreal circumstances, dread and panic were settling hard into her stomach, but there wasn't time for the luxury of panic.

"You look a little peaked, Cassandra. Are you all right?" Quentin asked.

"I'm tired, my mouth is dry and I feel dizzy, but under the circumstance, I could feel much worse."

Quentin moved to his desk. He put his hand around a beautiful crystal flask. "Could I offer you a drink?"

"This isn't a social call."

"A glass of water then?"

"No. I just want to go home."

Quentin glanced at her neck. There was a droplet of blood on her collar. "I don't understand why you don't want to stay here. Aren't you Christian's guest?" he said.

"Guest? Is that the word you use?  I call it kidnapped."

Quentin looked puzzled. After all, she had been bitten; he could see the blood on her neck, yet she resisted Christians spell. No mortal can resist the vampire's bite. Quentin looked to Christian for answers.

"I can't explain her strange and defiant behavior. All I can say is she's a bitch. Do you believe she fought me after I bit her?" Christian said.

So, Quentin wasn't shocked that his friend went around biting women on their necks, Cassandra thought.

"After?" Quentin said surprised.

"That's right. I had to whack her couple of times to get her to calm down."

"Be kind to this one, Christian."

"She's no different than the rest; you whack them around a little, but they still warm the bed the same."

Cassandra gave him a cold stare.

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