It is my pleasure to spotlight May and her blog for this Flip Flop Friday interview! Here's what May had to say:

I am a single mother to a wonderful little girl. We live in a small town in Canada. ( Hence my using Canadian spelling)
A town that has completely surprised me, and is very much home to us.
I am a very passionate mama, it’s what I was truly born to do (yes, I know *gag* on the lovey mommy drippings! But, it’s SO true)
Becoming a mother changed not just the way I viewed (and coped) with the world but also the things that were important to me. It literally changed my entire world.
Since becoming a mom new causes are close to my heart. Children’s Literacy and access to books being one of them.

My little lady is one years old today.

A year of breast feeding, of sleeping through the night (well, minus two months) giggles and smiles and your wonderful sweet baby smell.

We had your party the Saturday before, boy were you moody and tired. You were up at 6:45am, only napped 30 minutes in the morning before the party and for a few minutes while nursing much later that evening.

You do not like icing. There was no crazy cake eating for you. You are also not really into solids yet. Unless it’s cheese or chicken.

I can’t believe I brought you home a year ago and you were a little 5 pound 11 oz sleepy girl with some slight jaundice. Here you are now a year later and creeping up on 20 pounds.

You are already talking up a storm. Mama, Mommy, Mum mum (your baby cookie) Ca (t) Ba (ll) Pa and Na

You are finally crawling off the floor. I wondered if you would stop military crawling before you began walking.

You occasionally stand holding the couch but you’re not real interested unless there’s something up there you want.

You’ve just realized you can stand on one foot so it sure makes things interesting. You’ve almost made us both topple a time or two.

Music, whether it be through a toy or the stereo, you love it. You are picky though. You were first into Raffi, then a cd I had made with your name in the songs which lead to you refusing anything to do with Raffi.
Now you seem to really be getting into your Toopy & Binoo cd as well as classical music. Especially Beethoven.

You dance and clap and get so excited. I just love it.

What a year it’s been.
You’ve changed my world and me for the better. I don’t remember what life was like before you came along.
Before my purse was full of crumbs and baby cookies, toys and tissues.

(Note: No purse or bag, no matter how big will ever be big enough. It’s just life. I’ve finally figured that out and accepted it.)

It hasn’t been easy but I wouldn’t change anything. You are my world, my dream come true, you are everything I could dream of and more.

I am so proud of you. You have really shown everyone just how amazing you are. People had so many assumptions about you because you were so small. But they look at you now and are just blown away.

I knew you would be amazing right from the start. My little miracle.

You have shown everyone that you can and will do anything right from the start. You have strength in you many could only dream of.
Never forget that. You can do anything you want.

I will always support, love and cherish you.
I could not ask for a better baby, everything about you is perfect.

Your bright blue eyes, your gorgeous smile that lights up the room. Your giggles that break out into hiccups at least once a day.

I am the luckiest mother on the face of the planet for being blessed with you in my life.
I love you baby girl with all that I am and all that I will ever be.


DEBORAH: I don't know about everyone else but I thought what May said was absolutley beautiful!
Let's get started with the interview.  When did your love of reading begin?

My love of reading has always just been there. I have no conscious memory of not having a book in my hand.

DEBORAH: Do you remember your first book?

My first book, no but I remember the first book I really loved. 
A National Geographic book first published the year I was born. It was a book about ancient civilizations and archaeology.
It used to belong to a family member, I'd read it every time I visited.  They gifted the book to me as an adult.
I still love that book as much as I did back then.

DEBORAH: National Geo is an awesome publication. Do you have a favorite genre you like to read?

Science fiction or fantasy. I always hit that section first in any bookstore.

DEBORAH: You must have loved Star Wars. Do you have a favorite place you like to read?

I read anywhere I can steal even five minutes. Usually though I'm sitting in bed with my toddler curled up sleeping beside me.

DEBORAH: Oh, how sweet and cozy! What made you decide to start blogging about books?

Blogging and me is one of those things I kept coming back to for quite a few years.
When I became a mother, I needed an outlet. I also became passionate about children's literacy, and wanted to find a way to share my love for reading and try to help put good books into the right hands. Blogging gives me an outlet and also lets me share and rave about books.

DEBORAH: Tell me you love Indie authors and that besides me, HA HA  you discovered some great ones!

I have discovered some great authors.  Some of my new favourite authors are indie authors. They're fantastic people.

DEBORAH: I feel the same way; I've met some nice people along the way. What's life away from books and blogging like?

I'm not sure I am ever away from books (or blogging) very long. I am a single mom to a young toddler who loves books as much as I do. She is forever crawling up my legs with a book in her hand. Story time is our favourite time.
Life does get chaotic. Between teaching a tiny human the basics of walking, talking, eating and trying to find time to shower, there is always a lot going on.
I have a novel that's sadly on the back burner due to time and lack of extra arms to get everything done right now. But I am determined.
I couldn't imagine life any other way. It's busy but it's pretty fantastic.

Thanks for stopping by May. You've been a delight! Come again!

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  1. Hi Debbie,
    The interview looks amazing. :) Thank you!!
    Thanks so much for having me. It was a pleasure!


    1. It was a pleasure meeting you May and you're very welcome! Please come again!