"Writing Zachania began over twelve years ago, what started as a hobby turned into an epic tale of heroism and revenge surpassing over 1400 pages, inspired by films such as Dune, Joseph Gaines found himself growing into his characters.
As you turn the chapters you can feel the emotions of the leading characters as Gaines brings them to life.
' I wanted to create characters that have feelings, fears, it was important to me to give them a side which we can all associate with, the story is set in a mythical time but I saw no reason why I could not show them having the common traits we all possess.
When I started writing I had never even read a book before but I loved watching epic movies, Dune especially impressed me, I loved the way it showed its leading characters thoughts, this was how I wished to write, I wanted the reader to feel the characters thoughts and feelings as they turned the pages'"
Joseph Henry Gaines

DEBORAH: What an incredible accomplishment writing a 1400 page epic! So, this writing journey was inspired by the film Dune, and therefore, not something that had "dogged" you since childhood. Since writing, have you ever been able to put your pen down or has it become like breathing to you now?
It was a mixture of things coming together which started me writing. I began with poetry at a time in my life of very deep emotions, and just started to write down what I was feeling, it kind of had a medicinal effect on me. This was also the time when I met my future wife, and as I was already writing bits of poetry and of course being an old fashioned English gentleman, I began to woo her with my writing. At first I would write her a little note then she got a poem every day telling her how gorgeous she was! She jokes to me now that it was the reason she fell in love with me.
Zachania started twenty years ago when my fiancée was working as a croupier at one of London’s top casinos and I began to notice that she would always take a book to work with her to read during breaks. One day I joked that I could write her a better book than she was reading and she dared me to do it! So when she came home from night shift, waiting for her on the table was about ten pages of a new book called Zachania. (Pronounced Za-Kania) I cannot remember where the name came from, just somewhere in my head. When I woke in the morning I found next to my manuscript was a letter saying how much she enjoyed the book and that she could not wait for the next instalment. So that is how it all began, every night I would write a few pages until it just seemed to take on a life of its own and I found myself really enjoying writing it.
To be honest I never even imagined getting it published. That happened because I stumbled on to creataspace while web surfing one day this year, our wedding anniversary was fast approaching and I thought it would be a nice gift and surprise to give my wife ‘our book’ as a present.
That was in May 2012 and now I am writing, or at least trying to!
That is what makes life so wonderful and exciting; it is amazing the changes and surprises we sometimes find along our path.
My biggest challenge at the moment is trying to learn grammar and sentence structure. I was unfortunate to leave school almost illiterate but over the years I have managed to get by and educate myself to a relatively acceptable standard. But now I have to raise my game, I know I have to improve, but in all my life I have never been one to shirk a challenge.
I suppose I began to write before I learnt how to write!… but to me writing is about what is in the heart, and what you can imagine. Finding a way to express the feelings and thoughts onto paper is something that is easier to learn than the passion and pain that inspired it in the first place.
DEBORAH: What an incredible story, writing before you really knew how to write. I have such great respect and admiration for you, first because you're not ashamed to admit you were deficient in grammer, but mostly because of the strength of your spirit which caused you to push forward, forget current circumstances and to accomplish so much with your writing.
What are you writing now, and do you think it will be another whopping 1400 page novel?
That is not an easy answer! Currently I am juggling different books and ideas and desperately need some ‘strategic planning’. First on the list is Zachania Tome two, it is already handwritten but needs to be typed and edited. I am managing to complete around ten to fifteen pages a day and I am on page seventy (40.000 words) so I still have some way to go.
I should imagine Zachania tome one and two when completed will be around four hundred thousand words which I may in time just make one large book?
As for your question about 1400 pages! The sequel to Zachania, called Kalitash is well on its way to surpassing that, again I have it handwritten and I am trying to ‘entice’ my thirteen year old daughter to type it into a word document for me. She can type around four times faster than me or judging by the way she text’s her friends on her cell phone she could probably type the whole thing in a week or so! ‘The Diaries and Chronicles of Talon the Zararhakzar’ is also being worked on which as the title explains is a small subsidiary book about Zachania’s main character.
I am also trying to get the second instalment of ‘The Krays Not Guilty your Honour’ completed and published. That is just a notebook full of ideas at the moment and at least six weeks of really hard work away. I was hoping to get the second book published by Christmas but that was hopelessly optimistic! It is not just putting the time in, but finding the correct frame of mind as the Kray’s series of books are crime books that need a hell of a lot of creative flow.
DEBORAH: More than 1400 pages! I find that utterly amazing and confess at this point in my life, I wouldn't have the paience to do that. You'll have to let me know what your daughter decides to do!!
 As a prolific author, I'm sure it's impossible for you to read novels, but if you were to sit down with a paperback or a Kindle to read, would another genre interest you? Maybe a vampire series by, hum, let me think. ME? LOL
Deborah, if I could find the time to read, then your new novel would be top of the list!

Reading??? I am just looking at my bookcase and it filled with many different genres. I would say the majority of the novels are autobiographies from the London crime scene and lots of sports books, mostly boxing. I have three bio’s Obama, Alan Sugar and the Apple guy and have not yet got round to reading them.
It is also funny, that even though I have books published on kindle, I do not own one yet! My eldest son has saved his money and wants a kindle fire Hd so maybe he will give me a go and get me hooked, then I can find some time to read a bit more.
After Christmas I will also be working on a new project that I own the rights to. We have just accepted and finalised the script for a new film about the life of a relative of mine Joey Pyle.

We are very excited at the moment with this and have some big name actors showing interest. Ideally we want to make a UK version of ‘Once upon a time in America’ which starred Robert DeNiro.
Whatever really happens in the future is never certain, only that somewhere along the way, there will be surprises. But I am having fun at the moment and looking forward to the rest of 2012 and the releasing more novels in 2013. Who knows? This illiterate boy from the ‘Bandit’ streets of South London may one day become a full time author, now that would be something I would have laughed my head off about in a different lifetime a few years ago.
Thank you Deborah for giving me the chance to introduce myself and answer your questions and I hope people enjoy my novels and some of the crazy worlds I have crashing around my head .

DEBORAH: That is very exciting news JH! I wish you supreme success and a happy journey! I'm glad we met and had the opportunity to do this, JH. You're an interesting man full of wonderful ideas and thoughts and stories. When your next book Kalitash is released next year in 2013, I'd love to do a cover reveal for you! Until then, you've given us 4 books to read, filled with adventure and fantasy! Thank you Joseph Henry Gaines of the UK for joining us from across the pond! Let me leave everyone with a synopsis of Zachania.
Pronounced 'Za-Kane-e-are' in the English language
An Epic tale of revenge filled with secret realms, heroism,
wizardry, witchcraft, romance and chivalry.
A 'coming of age saga' for its main character: Talon of Tallasian.
Talon born in the Imperial land of Kratos is a descendent
of the Zachanian's, the once fearless fighting men from Zachania who for
centuries were the nemesis of the empire until they were hunted and conquered
into extinction. Talon's parents fearing for their family's safety, live by a
strict rule where they guard and hide their heritage. Tallonus, Talon's father
having lived his entire life in fear of his true identity, vehemently refuses
to hand down this knowledge and burden to his sons.
Endeavoring to disregard the root of his lineage, Talon is
enlisted by his father to be a soldier of the Empire where he excels on every
level. As the years pass, he slowly begins to uncover his origins and begins to
understand his secret Zachanian powers. Now a soldier, he rises quickly up the
chain of command where one day he stumbles upon an ancient secret and prophecy.
A secret the Empire has guarded for centuries. He discovers their terror and
the atrocities they have committed to hide this truth. What happens next is the
story of a man who finds himself in a world surrounded. Haunted by his past and
hunted in his present, he has two choices. Remain a soldier in the Empire and
live a life in the shadows, or risk everything to discover who he truly is and
the truth of his ancestral history....



  1. Thanking Deborah Palumbo for taking the time to be a friend.
    You're a great author and great person Debbie.
    God Bless and the best of luck.

  2. Sounds like a great book, I will definitely put on my wish list.

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