FLIP FLOP FRIDAY, Readers in Wonderland

Today I am spotlighting Readers In Wonderland, A YA Book Review Blog.

Who Are These People?

has been reading ever since she can remember and loves each new world a book creates. Although a bit cynical, she's genuine and honest. She reads in every spare moment, and even every no-so spare moment. She currently is (crazily) trying to finish more than thirty books in the two months before 2013. She loves Richelle Mead.

and Alise have been friends and book confidantes for over three years now. Brooke has a tendency to use sarcasm like breathing but she is also kind. Brooke is not afraid to be honest and blunt in a review.

is the newest member to Readers in Wonderland and you might not see her around much, she's extremely busy with classes but reads as much as she can when she can! She wishes she could read faster so she could enjoy the huge amount of novels out there.   EMAIL

is 26 years old and I am a Canadian through and through. I tend to gush a lot in my reviews about my current book boyfriends, I also say awesome and amazing way too much!