Before we begin our interview, here's a little bit about Leigh:
 My name's Leigh Ann and I live in western North Dakota.  I am a stay-at-home-mommy with a 9 year old stepson (Teegan), 3 year old daughter (Shaelyn), and a 1 year old son (Kemper). I also do a little daycare on the side. I have 2 dogs (Trip and Dodge), 2 cats (Deefenbaker and Willow), and a hedgehog (Miss Talulah Mae Pricklesworth). I started my blog back in August as a sort of journal where I could write about the books I've read and connect with other people who enjoy reading as much as I do. If anyone follows me please be sure to leave a comment with a link to your blog so I can stop by and return the favor.

Wow, Leigh has her hands delightfully full with a bunch of sweet critters including her babies, Shaelyn and Kemper. Adorable, huh?

So now onto our interview. Here are the questions I asked Leigh:

DEBORAH: What was the first book you ever read?

Oh man! I have no idea what the first book I ever read would be. One of the first books I really remember was this big yellow Curious George book. It is filled with a ton of different Curious George stories. In fact, it is my daughter’s book now!

DEBORAH: I think it's great to hand down your books from childhood to your own child! So, how many books a week do you read now that you're all grown up?

I usually read about 2-3 books a week, sometimes more. It really just depends on how much time I can devote to reading that week. Some days I barely have the time to sit down!

DEBORAH: And what is your favorite genre?

I read all different kinds of genres and enjoy a lot of them. If I had to pick a favorite it would probably be YA paranormal. I’ve really been into that type of book lately.

DEBORAH: What made you decide to start blogging and reviewing?

I have always loved reading and I used to talk on end to my fiance about the book I was reading (he didn’t really seem interested). I also used to keep a list of all the books I read and when I looked back over the list I wouldn’t remember what the books were about or if I liked them or not. So I started blogging as a sort of journal for all of the books I’ve read and so I would have other people to talk to about them (who WOULD be interested)! I also enjoy all of the recommendations that I get from others!

DEBORAH: That's an interesting satory, Leigh. So a journal started it all! Do you enjoy Indie authors as much as traditionally pubbed authors?

I’m not sure if I enjoy them as much, but I have read a lot of Indie books that were wonderful! I had never read books from Indie authors before I started blogging so I’m just starting to get a feel for them.

DEBORAH: Welll, take it from me, not only am I a self pubbed author, but I've met some awesome self pubbed, Indie authors! Do you prefer ebooks or paperback?

I prefer paperback. I love the convenience of eBooks but in my opinion there’s nothing like having a real book in your hands. :)

DEBORAH: Well that's why authors' books are available in both formats! We know everyone has different likes. So we heard a bit about your babies and critters, but tell us what's life like away from blogging and reading and little ones, furry or otherwise?

Life away from blogging is crazy! I have 3 kids at home and I also do daycare. I spend most of my day chasing after kids, cooking, and cleaning. There’s always dishes to be washed, messes to clean up, and laundry to be done! I am very blessed to be able to be a stay-at-home-mama but somedays I really think it’s the hardest job I’ve ever had.

DEBORAH: Leigh, I'm exhausted from just reading about your day! Hey, it was really nice hosting you today. Thanks so much for being here. Happy Reading!
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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog! It was a pleasure! :)

    1. Well I sure enjoyed having you, Leigh and your adorable babies! You've got a great blog; i hope people will check it out!