Welcome Riley Banks and her newest book, VAMPIRE ORIGINS.
Straight from her website:
Riley's Vampire Origins series is already being touted as the next best thing in YA literature. Packed full of action, adventure, romance and evil, Vampire Origins weaves historical fact with fiction to explore the origins of the 5 different vampire tribes.
With over 15 years in journalism and over a decade living overseas, Riley Banks knows how to tell a tale or two. So check out her newest book now, Vampire Origins on AMAZON!
Need a little more enticement? Check out the description of Vampire Origins now......
He slaughtered 30,000 in one night in Jerusalem and impaled 100,000 more in Romania in the 1400s. Now Vladamir Strigoi has discovered a way to enslave humans and rule the world - and this time, thanks to Project Ichorous, the death toll will be catastrophic.

Only one thing can put an end to his plans - a Strigoi human. And Vlad will stop at nothing to eradicate every last one.

Scarlett Fraser has no idea she's the very thing Vlad is hunting. To stop him and save the world, Scarlett has got to remain human; but as Scarlett is about to discover, staying human is a lot easier said than done.

Does that sound AWESOME or what!!!! Well done, Riley Banks! She's definitely an author to invest in.


  1. Shared Deborah! Hope your books going well...

    1. Olga, how nice to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by and checking on me and my guest, Riley! Best wishes to us all.