Welcome my friend from down under, Liliana Soare!
I am really excited for Liliana because her wonderful novel hit the store in January and is definitely causing a stir! She's received all 5 star reviews. It's entitled: 
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It's not only an extremely entertaining book and well written, but Liliana's writing style is absolutely engrossing and descriptive, and so is she! Liliana let me in on a secret; she loves fishing. "I’m absolutely crazy about fishing. I have six fishing rods and a mad fishing tackle kit. I could go fishing and be gone missing for days, that’s how much I am in love with it."

So aside from writing which she has been doing for three years now, fishing is a true love for her.  She also loves living in Australia and finds the culture diverse. "Cultural diversity brings a sense of tolerance, mutual respect, and compassion for those in need. People are relaxed, understanding and friendly. Quite informal, open and direct, they say what they mean. The beauty of the country is unrivalled too. There is no other place where I would like to be."

When I asked Liliana about the hero/heroine in her book, she was very direct and open! Here's what she said. "The hero? Well, there’s two of them in the novel, and naming the main one would disclose the plot, so I will pass. I will talk about the heroine though. Lucy Whitfield is barely 18 years old. A beautiful orphan who doesn’t know much about life, after spending 12 long years in a strict educational institution. She is stubborn, loud-mouthed, reckless at times, but does have a good heart and a fragility she denies. "
Here's a small sample from page one of her book:  The stale air steamed in the room, which was saturated with a week’s worth of humidifier mist. Lucy fought back the urge to wipe the sheen of perspiration that coated her forehead. A quick dab with her silky handkerchief would do. But that would definitely qualify as a slap on father’s face and would most assuredly stick her with an hour-long sermon on her miserable failure to have turned into a refined beau monde mademoiselle. “Educated young ladies never display disrespect for the basic needs of the ill and frail,” he would say, struggling to breathe as the humidifier only provided small relief...
Now check out the description:
Andrew Langston focuses his life on taking care of his mega-business, hence his irritation when he must become the legal guardian of orphan Lucy Whitfield for five months until she turns eighteen. But his discontent melts away when he meets his beautiful pupil. Not even the fact that Lucy is madly in love with business tycoon Peter Randall will stop Andrew from attempting to reach his goal. He takes advantage of the guardianship agreement provisions to keep the two lovers apart. His efforts eventually start turning the wheels until one day Lucy realizes that she’s in love with two men. They both desperately want Lucy and are not willing to back away. Their goals will turn her life upside down when they clash. But while one’s personal interests will endanger her life, the other’s will keep her alive. One of them will ultimately achieve what he wants. But which one?
Thank you, awesome author Liliana Soare for sharing with us! I love the book and wish you much success!

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  1. Thank you, Deborah, for this wonderful opportunity of being hosted on your blog page. I am truly honoured!