THE DOCTORS, a mystery thriller

You wanna make sure you never make an appointment with these Doctors

 bY ME, DEBORAH PALUMBO; RIGHT FROM MY WARPED IMAGINATION. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? IT REALLY DOES GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT! And after reading this book, you'll wonder what secrets your doctors hold!
Hope you like the description:
The FBI agent, Donald P. Cobbs who wears big Stetsons and lizard boots in god awful colors can't believe his ears. It's the third informant from his case that died in some kind of freak accident. Now he's gotta wait for another green horn fresh out of residency to be hired by Lanny Loch and Richard Pathroff and hope the new guy on the block will be his newest informer. Or victim? Hence Adam J. Frye.

Adam and his wife Maggie think the hard days of med school and residency are behind them; the money will start rolling in, life will be smooth working for Doctors Loch and Pathroff,
but their dreams are shattered when some cowboy FBI agent pays them a visit informing Adam that his life is in grave danger. He's the fourth associate of Loch and Pathroff. The other three are dead. As doornails.
It isn't long after Cobbs' visit that Adam gets suspicious over the sudden deaths of some of his healthy patients. The straw that breaks the camel's back is a young woman who comes to Frye
with suspicions of her father's untimely death and asks him to "check things out." That's when Adam decides to help the FBI. He and Maggie uncover a diabolical scheme that involves the mob.

Adam having aroused suspicion unknowingly by one of the mob's key players, is on their watch list. Suddenly the tables turn on Adam when he's set up on his own wire. He's guilty in everybody's eyes. He's got to prove his innocence to the FBI, and he's got to do this before he's either thrown in jail or killed by the mob; made fish bait like the last unsuspecting associate. He can't make an error, it's life or death.

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