I'm back from the abyss...

Well, many of you know I took the last few months off from writing and blogging and tweeting because I was moving and was in that deep abyss of boxes, boxes, BOXES! You have no idea how many boxes I had to pack and tape and untape and unpack. UGH! I never want to see another...well I can't even say the word...those square cardboard things again! LOL
The only thing that made things brighter was the pleasant surprise that I received just before I signed off of my blog, was that book one in my vampire series,  THE UNDEPARTED WENT TO  # ONE in occult fiction on Amazon !!!! I was beyond thrilled and thankful for all the downloads! I believe that was a tribute to the kind people who helped me tweet and blogged for me and to those who paid attention!
Thank you one and all for your wonderful support!! I hope you'll all welcome me back and join me once again for Awesome Author Interviews and Flip Flop Fridays...And bring your friends!


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    1. Thanks Kayla. Good to hear from you my friend!

  2. Yes, Welcome and congratulations, both on surviving the move (I'm not sure I'd manage right now) and especially on the Undeparted being number 1 in Occult. Not surprised though, as I love it!

    1. Thanks so much for the compliments on The Undeparted! I am so glad you stopped by! I had you on this blog 4 awesome author cos that's what you are...an awesome author!

  3. Glad to have you back, Deborah. Are you all moved in? You don't have to invite us over for a house warming or anything. It's just a question... Although house warmings are nice. ;)


  4. Hi Debbie
    Welcome back sweetheart.
    I have just nominate you for the Leibster Blog Award.
    Its great fun...Take a look!