ITS A VERY VAMPIRE HALLOWEEN with vampire author Jodie Pierce

Welcome Very Vampire author, Jodie Pierce and her novel THE RELUCTANT VAMPIRE.  Jodie Pierce is not only a friend of mine, sharing in the love of vampires, but is a wonderful storyteller, weaving emotion and detail intricately, leaving the reader with sweaty palms and a racing heart, definitely wanting more.
Jodie has dedicated herself and talent to writing not only for the masses, but for charity. Her novel IN VEIN was written for St. Jude's children's hospital, and she is currently working on another novella for the National Children's Cancer Project. This book will be available December 1st. Please keep watching for the Title when she reveals the book on her WEBSITE

 "A young woman is turned into a vampire against her will. She is constantly haunted by her maker throughout her ordeals as she fights against her very being at first. She meets a fellow vampire who shows her how fun being a vampire can really be but again, her maker constantly haunts her. She goes on her own for awhile meeting a new friend and finding her place in her horror of a world. Finally, she finds true love, reluctantly changes him and the rest is history." Jodie Pierce
 Please check out all of her awesome books on AMAZON and buy one today!

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  1. Thank you so much Deborah for hosting me!!! Sorry this is so late! Been sick! Hope you are doing well!!!